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Stephanie Brown Family

Stephanie Brown is a divorced mother of two who has had her fair share of turmoil since her family moved into their home in 2010.  When they moved in she knew it needed some work and they were prepared financially to do so. 

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Lugo Family

The Maleno Family to Family Fund helped the Lugo family of 6. They have been in their home for over 26 years. They had been on the waiting list since October 2009, and had tried to keep up with their home repairs as they arose. The Lugo's replaced the roof on the back side of the house, but the roof on the main part of the house was in desperate need of replacement, as it would not last the winter.

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Patricia Fronzaglia

Patricia Fronzaglia’s Warsaw Avenue home was renovated to suit her mobility needs, including reconstruction of several rooms.

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Reynolds Family

Jayne and Emmitt Clover opened their North East home to their daughter Jennifer when she needed help caring for her husband and three sons.

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Chamberlain Project

Recently a new fence was installed for Tammie Chamberlain and her girls at their home!

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Blanca Nieves

Blanca Nieves of 1127 East 31st street (a student at the Trinity Center) was selected to receive a bedroom makeover by the Maleno Family to Family Fund.

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Mary Helen Lindsey

Ms. Lindsey of 1140 E. 30th Street applied to the fund looking for help with her home which is used to raise and care for several foster children as well as children of her own.

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Pabon Family

The Maleno Family to Family Fund recently helped the Pabon Family.

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The Rosettski Family

We built a wheelchair ramp for the front of the Rosettski home to help their daughter come into and out of the house.

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Retzer Family

Harry and Michelle have resided in their home for 12 years. They are a family of 7, five children age 13,11,9,8 and 6, and these five children live in one bedroom.

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"We don't want the 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' build to be our first and last charitable project; we are committed to giving back on an ongoing basis." 

John Maleno

Founder and President

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