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Apartments for rent in Erie, PA, utilities included.

Maleno offers a variety of rental communities and apartments with fitness centers across Erie County that are centrally located with beautifully landscaped grounds. Couple this with great amenities and a professional on-site management team, and you will find that Maleno offers the very best in apartment living. Whether you are looking for a townhome, garden style apartment or luxury one-floor living, we welcome the opportunity to help you find your next rental home! Check out our apartments for rent in Erie, PA:

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Comfortable,  Convenient Apartment Living

Enjoy new home luxury in Erie communities designed to let you connect with your neighbors and relax in the comfort of your home. We continually strive to create a home for residents that represents ease, convenience, and value. Maleno's rental communities feature convenient amenities including fitness centers, swimming pools, playgrounds, resident events and more. 

Team Maleno, I feel compelled to write, and thank everyone for their support, and valiant efforts to keep us safe during this monumental snow storm in Erie this past week. Witnessing the support from Maleno, and neighbors coming together to dig each other out, restored my confidence that we as Americans are still united together in unprecedented hard times. I would like to especially thank the James Smith, the plow driver from Maleno who spent countless hours in his black truck tackling what seemed to be an impossible task. I never mentioned I had a torn rotator cup in my right shoulder, but I continued digging out. Jim circled back numerous times to help take a cut with his plow, all while managing to attended to everyone else’s needs. I think in order to keep loyal employees, we need to show our appreciation for going above, and beyond especially during this monumental Holiday. He is truly a keeper. I would also like to thank the gentleman from West Virginia in his black Ford Raptor who I witnessed driving around, shoveling everyone, and anyone out that he saw was in distress. He even got his truck stuck, got out and pushed a car stuck in the snow bank before attending to his own vehicle. I am grateful and inspired by the folks and support in this community and complex. Thank you!



Richard J. Yoest
Lake View Apartments

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Resident Benefits

Offering beautiful living spaces and serving satisfied customers is the cornerstone of our business. Maleno values our loyal residents! To show our appreciation to those who continue to call our properties "home", we offer rewards based on the number of years you've been with us as well as discounts for custom building a home when you're ready to buy a house.

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