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7 Tips for Preparing Your House for Sale

As we sit in the dead of winter, it may seem like summer is never coming back; but in reality, it’s right around the corner. While the weather might make you feel unmotivated, it can also provide you with a surplus of time to start prepping your house for sale.

Do some early spring cleaning and you’re instantly giving yourself a stronger foothold in the market. To help you increase your chances of a successful sale, we’ve provided seven ways to spruce up your house for listing.

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14 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

On this day in (insert your birth year), the course of history changed!  It may have only been a small ripple in the lives of a few, or a huge splash for many, but you entering the world had an effect.  You should celebrate!  We've put together this list to help you think about how you can make the day special.  Enjoy! Oh, and Happy Birthday! 

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A Superior Home Foundation for New Construction

Laying the foundation of your home is arguably the most important stage in new construction; it is, quite literally, the bedrock upon which your house sits. For this reason, it’s important to understand the best foundation system for your geographic location, needs, and architectural preferences.

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Five Facets of a Home That Can't Be Compromised

Home buyers are in a constant state of deliberation about which elements of home are essential and which can be compromised. When deciding what features are requisite, it’s important to consider your current stage of life. For instance, are you planning on having children soon, do you have the time or resources to renovate, and/or do you plan on growing old in the home or flipping it?

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Living Stress-Free In Your Community

To feel at home in our community, be it a neighborhood, apartment complex, or a condominium complex, it’s important that we communicate with our neighbors. While it can be a challenge to remain simpatico with everyone in our proximity, the outcome of a healthy co-existence is a stronger, safer society.

Unfortunately, a recent report by City Observatory suggests that nearly a third of people have never interacted with their neighbors. There could be several reasons for this, including more time spent using media (television, social media, video games, etc.) in isolation, more solo transportation to and from work, a lack of physical activity, and sadly, a nearly 30% increase since the 1970’s in the overall distrust of anyone outside of our immediate circle.

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The Perks of Energy Efficient Homes

From temperature control to substantial monthly savings on utilities, energy efficient homes have a number of benefits homeowners should keep in mind. While it is true that renovating a home to be energy efficient can be a laborious process, building a new home with the right materials takes no more time than traditional construction.

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6 Easy Car Care Tips for Hot Weather

It seems like summer is a more relaxed time for most things.  We spend more time outdoors and away from home on road trips.  The warmer months, however, provide some challenges for our personal vehicles. Following these 6 easy tips will keep you in good shape through the summer and fall seasons:

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Best 7 Tips to Pest-Proof Your Home

 If you’re like those of us in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania, you’re ready for the sunny and warm days ahead.  But you might not be happy with the pests that come along with summertime!

When the temps start rising, those unwanted visitors begin waking up and are looking for food.  Will your home be their best source?  Even the best custom-built homes can fall prey to pests if we’re not vigilant.  The reasons why pests see you as an easy target might surprise you!  The apple pie sitting out on the counter isn’t the only trigger. If you take the following steps, you can prevent those creepy-crawlies:

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Guess that’s why they call it the shoes

Someone wants to walk in your shoes. You’re probably wondering, “What do shoes have to do with Maleno building homes, renting apartments, and selling real estate?” Read until the end and we’ll tell you. . .

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Build a Healthier Life by Giving!

e all read those heartwarming social media posts—from pets performing heroic deeds to communities rallying around a person in need. And we feel good for as long as it takes to scroll to the next post. But why let it stop? You can turn that momentary feeling into a long-term health benefit! Improve your health and life expectancy by doing good deeds, whether small or large.

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