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4 Primary Factors that Influence the Price of Your Home

While the value of your home is ultimately determined by what buyers are willing to pay for it, several factors influence a house’s price and the buyer’s final decision. From location and neighborhood comparable sales (comps) to the home’s age and condition, Maleno, a family-owned custom building and real estate company, has compiled a list of four factors that influence the price of your home.

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The Most Underrated Lakeside City You Can Actually Afford

Erie rarely makes the list of top lakeside cities, but it certainly makes ours!  Between its picturesque sunsets, long stretches of serene beachfront, and breathtaking state parks, you'd think travel bloggers would be chomping at the bit to write up their experiences of the Flagship City.

But, Erie's “underratedness” could be a good thing for people looking to move to a lakeside city on a budget! So, if you're trying to decide if it's the right move for you, we have some food for thought...

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Is Vacant Land Better Than Developed Land?

When it comes to building your dream home, where you build is just as important as what you build  There's a lot to consider when deciding whether to build on vacant land or developed land. We'll help you navigate this very important decision!

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Cleaning Your Forgotten Spaces: Garage, Attic, Basement

Between working, spending time with family, dedicating time to hobbies, and allotting time to be with friends, it can be easy to forget to clean specific areas of your home, especially if the space isn't always in direct view.

Whether you're spring cleaning or you're getting ready to show your home, let's take a look at the most commonly forgotten areas around the house and our tips on making each of them look as good as new.

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6 Kinds of Mortgages & What They Mean for the Buyer

To help guide you through the process of purchasing your home, Maleno Real Estate has explained exactly what a mortgage is, created a list of the most popular mortgages, and determined what they may mean for you. 

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How to Get Your Home Ready for Listing

Eager to sell your home? In this blog, Maleno has compiled a list of eight steps you can take to get your house ready for listing in 2021.

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6 Benefits of Building a Smart Home

When people think about smart homes, they often picture a small Amazon Alexa or Google Home sitting in the corner awaiting commands to play music, bring up information, and adjust lighting preferences. But when it comes to a custom-built smart home, the opportunities for energy savings, security, and convenience are nearly endless. If you’re interested in building a customized smart home, read this blog post to study the latest technology benefits and what features of your home can be automated.

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Six New Year's Resolutions that Can Help First-Time Buyers Save for a Home

Whether you’re tired of paying rent instead of building equity in a home you can call your own, yearning for a patch of grass where your kids or dog can run free, or simply wanting to be able to paint your walls whatever color you want, longing for a house of your own is a powerful motivator that may be spurring your New Year’s Resolutions this year.

But before you get caught up in house fever, you’ll need to do the hard work of getting your finances in order so your homeownership dreams can come true. In this blog post, Maleno outlines six ways to get ready to purchase your first house.

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Eight Rooms That Aren't Relevant in Today's Home

From morning rooms to lumber rooms, many classic home features that were once deemed necessary have fallen out of fashion.  Let's take a nostalgic look at eight rooms that have gone by the wayside!

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Here's Why Energy Efficiency Matters in Your Home

From the materials Maleno uses to insulate our new homes to the types of windows we install to let summer’s breeze in and keep the winter’s bluster out, we’re always working to find new ways to increase energy efficiency in our new construction. To understand why energy-efficient homes are so important, we’re exploring what exactly makes a house energy efficient, how being energy efficient saves homeowners money in the long run, and how living in an energy-efficient home helps the environment.

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