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Should I Buy a House if I'm Single?

I’m single; should I buy a house?

The short answer: probably.  

In a recent study conducted by Ellie Mae, a mortgage software and technology leader, 47% of millennial homebuyers are actually single. Single persons can transform their lives through homeownership with the proper knowledge, planning, and assistance. If you’re interested in making the move, Maleno is here to help. 

Reading this piece could also affirm if renting is actually a better choice for you right now—and that’s okay if it is! Part of making a smart purchase is knowing the right time to do it, and that timetable is different for everyone. Thankfully, renting comes with its own benefits that are worth considering.

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How Create Your Next Home Wishlist

As you begin your search for the perfect home, it's helpful to consider what you're looking for by creating a home wishlist. In doing so, you can systematically outline the must-have amenities and qualities you’re seeking. What are your can’t-live-withouts, would-be-nices, and don’t-wants?

Creating a home wish list can be beneficial. It can help reduce stress, indecision, and uncertaintly. It will definitely help both you and your real estate agent streamline your homebuying experience. To give you ideas of what to include, Maleno, a leader in Erie real estate services, created this helpful, at-a-glance guide. 

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Everything You Should Know About Moving to Erie, Pennsylvania

Whether you're moving here for a new job, to be with family, or for a fresh start, know that Erie, Pennsylvania has a lot to offer. Despite its affordability, workability, and amenities, this lakeside city doesn’t get the attention it deserves. What’s more, when it comes to making a wise real estate investment, the data shows Erie could be a smart choice.

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Here's How to Maximize Your Home Office Potential

Whether you've been working from home for years or since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, it's essential to make the most of your home office. From boosted productivity to improved mood, the right feng shui can help you maximize your workday.


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Home Renovation: Exposing Asbestos

The decision to renovate your home comes with a big responsibility. You may want to renovate to create more space, avoid the cost of moving, or turn an old house into a brand new one.  Before you start to remodel your home, you should first talk with a renovation expert, then become familiar with the details and dangers that may come along with remodeling. 

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Eight Historical Homes in Erie, Pennsylvania

You may be familiar with some of these, but do you know about all of these historic homes?  Erie, Pennsylvania has a richer history than most people probably think. From its role during the War of 1812 to being home to many historic properties, this lakeside city is packed with tales of yesteryear. 

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Here's How to Successfully Prepare for Downsizing Your Home

While making a move to a smaller home is more common among seniors, you can downsize your living space at any age. Making this move can save you money, help you live more minimally, and reduce upkeep.

If you're unsure where to begin, Maleno, a family-owned real estate company, is here to help. In this blog post, we've compiled a list of five actions you can take to begin downsizing your home.

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4 Primary Factors that Influence the Price of Your Home

While the value of your home is ultimately determined by what buyers are willing to pay for it, several factors influence a house’s price and the buyer’s final decision. From location and neighborhood comparable sales (comps) to the home’s age and condition, Maleno, a family-owned custom building and real estate company, has compiled a list of four factors that influence the price of your home.

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The Most Underrated Lakeside City You Can Actually Afford

Erie rarely makes the list of top lakeside cities, but it certainly makes ours!  Between its picturesque sunsets, long stretches of serene beachfront, and breathtaking state parks, you'd think travel bloggers would be chomping at the bit to write up their experiences of the Flagship City.

But, Erie's “underratedness” could be a good thing for people looking to move to a lakeside city on a budget! So, if you're trying to decide if it's the right move for you, we have some food for thought...

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Is Vacant Land Better Than Developed Land?

When it comes to building your dream home, where you build is just as important as what you build  There's a lot to consider when deciding whether to build on vacant land or developed land. We'll help you navigate this very important decision!

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