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Lugo Family

The Maleno Family to Family Fund helped the Lugo family of 6. They have been in their home for over 26 years. They had been on the waiting list since October 2009, and had tried to keep up with their home repairs as they arose. The Lugo's replaced the roof on the back side of the house, but the roof on the main part of the house was in desperate need of replacement, as it would not last the winter. They also needed new windows. It was very drafty in the winter time and caused high heating bills. One frame was broken and some windows did not open. For safety sake, Mom wanted to be able to open those bedroom windows.

The Lugos also needed a new wall oven. The bottom oven had not worked in a very long time. The top oven worked only sometimes. Mom wanted to stay with that style of oven because she and her daughter like to bake and it is easier for her to use that style of oven with her wheelchair.

The Maleno Builders were able to custom remodel in a way that best served the Lugo family

"We don't want the 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' build to be our first and last charitable project; we are committed to giving back on an ongoing basis." 

John Maleno

Founder and President

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