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Buying or selling a home? Maleno is a full-service real estate agency.  We don't charge transaction fees and we will provide a free market analysis! Our one-stop shop allows you the ability to streamline your real estate transactions. Our professional staff will work with you through the process of buying a new home or selling your current home, listing to closing - whether it is a Maleno-built home or otherwise.  

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We understand that purchasing real estate is the single biggest investment that our clients will probably make in their lifetime. Our team of experts is focused on providing exceptional service to help our clients buy and sell residential or commercial property in Erie, PA. We look forward to assisting you with your next real estate transaction in Erie, PA!

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Our contact with Natalie Washburn began as we shopped for a patio/condo home in the Erie, PA area and she represented Maleno Custom Building & Custom Builders, a locally well known and respected home building contractor.

During pre-construction conversations, Natalie answered questions  based on actual data and or costs.   We never felt as though we were being pushed to rush into any financial decision.   She explained potential construction options, their costs and building times in a manner that allowed us to clearly understand the decisions we were considering and their implications.

When we voiced concerns over any inability to sell our home, options were provided that were reasonable to us.   Potential rentals or delay of construction.  She did explain that our local real estate market had a shortage of homes of the quality, size and price of our home which was already listed.  She proved correct.  The home sold within two weeks of listing.

 But more importantly what we experienced after making the decision to purchase our new home, Natalie Washburn readily made herself available to answer any of our many questions throughout the process of construction and  purchase of our new patio home.

 I highly recommend Natalie as a professional realtor

Olivia Purchase
Erie, PA

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Whether buying or selling a property, Maleno Real Estate offers family-friendly, professional, and courteous advice to all of our clients. We strive to hold the hand of our client from contract writing to closing to ensure a positive experience.

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