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Past Projects of the Maleno Family-to-Family Fund

Sherrod Family - W 17th St

Trelane Sherrod, a recently divorced single mom supporting her military veteran son and grandson, received help from the Maleno Family to Family Fund after experiencing a set-back from multiple, large medical bills along with multiple emergency home and car repairs. 

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Smith Family - Clifton Dr

The Maleno Family-to-Family Fund team took down the remnants of the old fence and installed a sustaining, vinyl fence to enclose the entire backyard, ensuring the safety and well-being of a happy child; and ensuring peace of mind for his caring parents.

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Debarah Clinton

In the past seven years Debarah Clinton had at least 6 mini-strokes.  She currently has to walk with a cane and at times a walker.  Debarah's caregiver shared that she worried about Debarah when she was not in the home with her.  The conditions in Debarah's bathroom were such that she could have fallen and hurt herself at any time. Being on a fixed income limits Debarah’s financial ability to pay for repair services on her own.   Without any family to assist her, Debarah tried to make some DIY repairs on her own, but is physically unable to do so, effectively.


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The Osborne Family

Clifford and Jamie had undergone some life changing, and life threatening, events over the years causing a significant financial hardship on the family. While it was obvious they had been trying to make repairs on their home, they needed a little help with their roof, gutters, and fascia.

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Helen Cyparski

Helen Cyparski needed a hand up with a few critical home repairs.  That's where the Maleno Family to Family Fund came in!  Thanks to her neighbor for telling her about the Maleno Family-to-Family Fund, Helen received a new roof, new gutters & fascia, as well as a new heating system (furnace and ductwork) throughout her home, as Helen was using space heaters to heat the home.

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Sornberger Family

Evie Sornberger, 72, has lived in her 115 year old home since 1973.  This mother of 2, grandmother of 8, and great-grandmother of 8 more, has been self-sufficient and a real go-getter her whole life. 

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Crissman Family Project

Crissman - Family to Family Fund Project

Bill & Heidi Crissman have been happily together for over 30 years.  Bill was diagnosed in 2014 with ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease, an often terminal disease which slowly takes away the use of the body’s muscle tissue—even those used to breathe.  They are optimistic, as there are cases where patients can live a longer life with special nutrition and care.  ALS has taken away Bills strength and stamina, and is now using a walker and wheelchair.


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Stephanie Brown Family

Stephanie Brown is a divorced mother of two who has had her fair share of turmoil since her family moved into their home in 2010.  When they moved in she knew it needed some work and they were prepared financially to do so. 

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Lugo Family

The Maleno Family to Family Fund helped the Lugo family of 6. They have been in their home for over 26 years. They had been on the waiting list since October 2009, and had tried to keep up with their home repairs as they arose. The Lugo's replaced the roof on the back side of the house, but the roof on the main part of the house was in desperate need of replacement, as it would not last the winter.

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Patricia Fronzaglia

Patricia Fronzaglia’s Warsaw Avenue home was renovated to suit her mobility needs, including reconstruction of several rooms.

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"We don't want the 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' build to be our first and last charitable project; we are committed to giving back on an ongoing basis." 

John Maleno

Founder and President

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