Home Remodeling FAQs

Are you licensed and insured?

Maleno is licensed in Erie, Pennsylvania.  We carry liability, disability, and worker’s compensation insurance.  Our customers can have peace of mind when we’re working in their homes.

Can you provide references?

Yes, we can!  For immediate reference, visit our testimonials section on our website.  We have third party reviews on our Facebook and Google pages, too.

Do you charge for estimates?

No, our consultations are free! We’ll gladly come to your home, place of business, or invite you to our showroom to discuss your project.

Do you provide a service warranty?

Yes, we offer a one-year warranty on all the labor we do.  We pass on the manufacturer’s warranty for all materials we purchase for our customers.  We’ve been known to come out after the warranty period has expired to take care of things, if needed. Building relationships through trust and satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business.

Do you have interior designers and architects on staff?

We have who you need on staff!  We have an Interior Designer, as well as a Project Associate who will keep your project on time and on budget.  We do not have architects on staff, but we have relationships with top architectural firms as well as various local trade professionals.

How do you handle change orders?

Our remodeling process, established through years of experience, minimizes the need for change orders.  Our designer, Project Associate, and customers work together to identify, discuss, and agree on  the many details before construction begins. We document all the details which allows us to provide our customers with fixed-price construction costs.  If for some reason a change is needed, it’s easily handled with our change form document.  Of course, to avoid project delays and/or cost overruns, we encourage customers to have minimal changes.

How long will my project take?

The generic answer is the length of a project will vary depending on the scope of work.  A more satisfying answer can be given during our first meeting, after we have a better understanding of your project and your needs.  All our remodeling agreements will include an approximate start date and finish date.

Will you provide me with a schedule?

We don’t provide a schedule of the whole construction process, but we will provide you with an anticipated start date and anticipated finish date at the time of signing the agreement.  Our Project Associate will provide you with project updates and keep you informed along way.

Do I need to get a permit for my project?

We will take care of any necessary permits required for the job.

Can I select the products for my project?

Yes, you will pick out your products from one of our preferred vendors.  We use quality materials to ensure the quality of the job and your long-term satisfaction

Can I purchase the materials and hire you for the design and labor?

We prefer to use materials from our preferred vendors to ensure quality and warranty.  The cost is usually more beneficial to you as we obtain wholesale pricing versus the retail prices you would pay.

Should I budget for costs beyond the proposal price?

Our proposals are based on what we see and what we know about the construction process.  We don’t always know what’s behind your walls when we quote your project.  It would be prudent and advisable to allow yourself a small contingency fund for unexpected issues that may arise.

How do I know you’ll complete the job and stay until I’m completely satisfied?

Our reputation built on 45+ years of reliability of service and project completion should help to alleviate your concerns.  We will follow up with you two weeks after project completion to discuss your level of satisfaction and we give a one-year warranty, meaning we’ll be there as needed.

What sets Maleno apart from other remodelers in the area?

Our roots have been growing for over 45 years in our family-owned construction business.  We build homes from the ground up, and we’ve learned a lot over the years!  We know what to expect when it comes to remodeling a home and how to handle the unexpected, giving us the ability to stay on budget and on time.  Your happiness and satisfaction are what drives us to be the best – both in quality and care for our customers.

When is the best time to remodel my home?

Like our custom building of new homes, home remodeling can be performed year-round.    Maleno can accommodate a remodel at any time during the year.

Will my home be a mess and filled with dust during the remodel?

Realistically, remodeling can be inconvenient for a short time.  However, we respect your home and treat it as our own.  We’ll put up plastic sheeting and tarps, remove artwork from walls, and install a ventilation fan as needed.  We clean up the workspace every day, and we’ll have the project space professionally cleaned on the final day of construction.

How will you communicate during the remodel?

Our Project Associate will be talking with you throughout the project about milestones and when tradesmen will be in your home.