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Everything You Should Know About Moving to Erie, Pennsylvania

Posted on November 10th, 2021 at 3:10 PM
Everything You Should Know About Moving to Erie, Pennsylvania

Whether you're moving here for a new job, to be with family, or for a fresh start, know that Erie, Pennsylvania has a lot to offer. Despite its affordability, workability, and amenities, this lakeside city doesn’t get the attention it deserves. What’s more, when it comes to making a wise real estate investment, the data shows Erie could be a smart choice.

If you’re on the fence about moving to Erie, there are a few elements of the city that you should know that may help you make your decision. To help you decide what’s right for you, Maleno, a leader in Erie real estate, is here to highlight all of the essentials of the Gem City.

Erie InsurancePhoto Credit: GoErie

1. It's a Small City With Big Ideas

Based on the 2020 Census, Erie’s current population sits at 93,928, making it the fourth-largest city in Pennsylvania. Despite its size, you can find a myriad of innovative businesses located downtown, including, but not limited to:

  • Erie Insurance: a multi-line insurance company offering auto, home, business, and life insurance
  • Radius Cowork: a community of freelancers, remote workers, and small businesses in Erie’s tallest building, the Renaissance Center
  • VNET Fiber: the region’s leading internet, business technology, and voice services provider 
  • UPMC Hamot: a 423-bed tertiary care facility, regional referral hub, and Level II Trauma Center
  • AHN Saint Vincent: rated the No. 1 hospital in Erie for Medical Excellence in Overall Hospital Care, Overall Surgical Care, Major Neurosurgery, Patient Safety in Overall Hospital Care, and Major Orthopedic Surgery

This list only scratches the surface. Erie is also home to four 4-year colleges and a significant number of small businesses that both invigorate and enrich a wonderfully diverse community. 

Outdoor living area

2. Live Like Royalty for Less

According to Payscale, an American compensation software and data company, Erie's housing and utility costs are 14 percent and 19 percent lower than the national average, respectively. What’s more, Erie’s housing prices are anywhere from 90 to 130 percent more affordable than houses in comparable lakeside cities.

It’s this affordability that makes Erie a remote work haven. You can earn big city salaries while paying small city housing prices. With a wide variety of new bayfront and downtown restaurants and retail shops popping up, you can also take advantage of a bustling nightlife.

3. It's a City of All Seasons

For those who like to experience every season, Erie is sure to over-deliver. In fact, most locals would tell you that, depending on the day, the weather changes by the hour. While our temperatures have seen some extreme highs and lows, we have the means to make the most of every season. Depending on the time of year, Erie has tons of seasonal activities to keep your calendar full at establishments like:

We’re also just a short drive from other popular attractions, such as:

Presque Isle State ParkPhoto Credit: VisitErie

4. It's Home to One of the Most Visited State Parks in the Nation

Research completed by the Erie Downtown Development Corporation (EDDC), a non-profit organization whose mission is to restore and revitalize downtown Erie, has shown that Presque Isle State Park is the 4th most visited public park in the entire United States. With over 3,200 acres, Presque Isle State Park is home to many of Pennsylvania’s endangered, threatened, and rare species.

In conjunction with being a home for scads of different animals, Presque Isle is a great place for:

  • Swimming
  • Boating
  • History Lessons
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Food
  • Bicycling
  • In-line Skating

Three people riding on a ride at WaldameerPhoto Credit: Waldameer

5. Recreation is Always at Your Fingertips

Living in Erie means you have access to countless recreational activities in the surrounding areas. Located in the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania, Erie is within a 2-hour drive of places like Cleveland, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Buffalo, New York, and all of the big-city perks they have to offer, such as:

  • Niagara Falls
  • Amusement Parks (Cedar Point, Kennywood, Waldameer, Hersheypark, Six Flags Darien Lake)
  • Concert Venues (Erie Insurance Arena, House of Blues Cleveland, Town Ballroom)
  • Zoos (Erie Zoo, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, The Buffalo Zoo)
  • Museums (Erie Maritime Museum, expERIEnce Children's Museum, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Buffalo Museum of Science)
  • Sports Events (Heinz Field, FirstEnergy Stadium, Highmark Stadium)

6.  We're Becoming a Microbrew and Craft Beer Haven

If you’re into microbrews and craft beer, then you’ll be excited about Erie’s selection. Not only is Erie’s brewery community great at what they do, but their establishments are also prime locations for networking, listening to live music, and enjoying a warm meal. Currently, Erie is home to nearly 20 breweries, including:
  • Arundel Cellars and Brewing Company
  • Black Monk Brewery
  • Erie Ale Works
  • Erie Brewing Company
  • Five & 20 Spirits & Brewing
  • John Russell Brewing Company
  • Lavery Brewing Company
  • Nostrovia Brewing Company
  • Orr's Brewing Company
  • Riverside Brewing Company
  • Sprague Farm & Brew Works
  • The Brewerie at Union Station
  • Timbercreek Tap & Table
  • Twisted Elk Brewery
  • Voodoo Brewery

Not a fan of beer? No problem! Erie County is also home to an exciting assortment of wineries, such as:

  • 21 Brix Winery
  • 6 Mile Cellars
  • Arrowhead Wine Cellars
  • Arundel Cellars & Brewing Co.
  • Cellar '54
  • Courtyard Winery
  • Heritage Wine Cellars
  • Johnson Estate Winery
  • Lakeview Wine Cellars
  • Liberty Vineyards & Winery
  • Mazza Chautauqua Cellars
  • Mazza Vineyards
  • Noble Winery
  • Penn Shore Winery and Vineyards
  • Presque Isle Wine Cellars
  • South Shore Wine Company
  • Sparkling Ponds Winery
  • Willow Creek Winery
  • Woodbury Vineyards
  • Yori Wine Cellars
7. Rapidly Developing

In many ways, Erie is in the middle of a significant transition. Organizations such as the EDDC and Erie County Redevelopment Authority (ECRDA) have worked tirelessly to showcase the city’s strengths through massive redevelopment initiatives. For instance, the EDDC’s comprehensive plan for the revitalization of Erie includes:

  • Core Strengthening (encouraging reinvestment, refocusing investments, establishing networks, stimulating market rate, and creating iconic placemaking and connections between Downtown, the Bayfront, 12th St Corridor, East Bayfront, and the West Bayfront)
  • Neighborhood Strengthening (promoting reinvestment and re-engagement by boosting confidence and unleashing the $96 million that homeowners are currently withholding from their properties in Erie)
  • Strategies for Reducing Neighborhood Distress (improving quality of life and protecting key city assets)

Moreover, the 2021 third quarter Lending Report has shown that the ECRDA shows that they’ve:

  • Given $2,656,168 in new loans 
  • Assisted 14 Erie County businesses (e.g., Triple D’s Restaurant, Printing Concepts, Donato’s Pizza)
  • Created 25 new jobs and retained 167
  • Lent $8,131,619 through 9/30/21

From Erie’s downtown to its county lines, there are substantial plans in the works for development. Much of it aims to create new jobs, provide more effective transportation, and build a more robust infrastructure.

Making Erie Your Next Home

Since 1976, Maleno has been in the custom home building and real estate industry. Our team of professionals has constructed over 1,000 homes and apartments in the Erie region to develop new communities and help this city flourish. From its wealth of family-friendly activities to its picturesque landscapes, Erie is poised for growth. If you’re interested in making Erie your next home, reach out to an agent today.

Contributed by Matt Flowers

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