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Erie Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Where’s the bathroom? Whether you’re hosting at your home or a guest in someone else’s, the bathroom is guaranteed to be a sought-after destination. Naturally, bathrooms serve a necessary and vital function. But for more and more of today’s homeowners, the bathroom is not just a place to go — it’s a place to get away. They want more than a sink, a toilet, and a shower — they want an atmosphere, a space to calm, recharge, and reinvigorate. 

Maleno’s bathroom remodeling experts in Erie, PA consistently grant those wishes with a comprehensive knowledge of features, fixtures, finishes, and materials — combined with a unique intuition regarding how to harmonize these elements for space that soothes the needs of both the body and the soul.

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Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

freestanding tub

Shower and Bathtub Installation

Whether you’re a bath person or a shower person, Maleno can help you clean up in any department with a beautiful custom tiled walk-in shower, soaker tub, and more.

double vanity

Sink and Vanity Installation 

Settle in and escape to your personal oasis with our complete bathroom remodeling services. Choose from a variety of fixtures, features, and aesthetics to fully realize your idea of paradise. 

custom bathroom tiling design

Flooring and Tiling Replacement

Today’s flooring and tiling materials offer a wealth of colors, patterns, and textures to create your desired bathroom habitat, while also promising durability and easy maintenance.

custom bathroom design erie pa

Custom Designs

The details make all the difference. Set the mood with ambient lighting layouts and surround sound systems. Employ subtle water features to encourage peace and relaxation.

Custom Home Building Process


What Do You Get Out of a Bathroom Remodel from Maleno?

Quality Craftsmanship

At Maleno, cleanliness, neatness, and professionalism are our commitment to you, with each of our bathroom remodels assured of enduring quality.

Focused Functionality

Zoned layout principles for our master bathrooms smartly separate business and pleasure, with distinct zones for bathing, toileting, and vanity.

Elegant Designs

Our full-time designer will closely collaborate with you to devise a thematically cohesive and fully-realized space that reflects upon you tastefully. 

Enhanced Atmosphere

Achieve a spa-quality atmosphere with soft, calming colors and textures paired with subtle lighting and water features to truly transport you.

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