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Give Back - Mems

Linda Mems reached out to the Maleno Family to Family Fund after trying unsuccessfully to find help from numerous other sources.  A series of unforeseen circumstances created a downward spiral into debt for a family who had been conscientious about keeping up with bills and house repairs.

First up were health issues causing Linda to go on disability, thereby reducing their income.  Next came her husband Ali's loss of job during the Pandemic in March 2020.  Still searching for new employment, his time has been taken up with caring for Linda and the family. 

The home had serious issues needing attention, too.  Exterior water issues caused damage to the basement and foundation.  Leaking fixtures in the bathroom and pipes in the kitchen led to water damage throughout. This led to an increase in utility bills which exponentiated the debts.  Bills became overwhelming and the Mems felt like they were drowning with no lifebuoy in sight.  

Linda asked us to help stop this vicious circle.  

"We don't want the 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' build to be our first and last charitable project; we are committed to giving back on an ongoing basis." 

John Maleno

Founder and President

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