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Debarah Clinton

In the past seven years Debarah Clinton had at least 6 mini-strokes.  She currently has to walk with a cane and at times a walker.  Debarah's caregiver shared that she worried about Debarah when she was not in the home with her.  The conditions in Debarah's bathroom were such that she could have fallen and hurt herself at any time. Being on a fixed income limits Debarah’s financial ability to pay for repair services on her own.   Without any family to assist her, Debarah tried to make some DIY repairs on her own, but is physically unable to do so, effectively.

Debarah's primary concern was with her bathroom where the toilet was not supported properly.  A friend temporarily nailed a board on her dining room ceiling to try to prevent the toilet from falling through.  Debarah also had great difficulty getting in and out of her tub due to health conditions. Her "big wish" was for better handicap accessibility.  Maleno remodeled Helen's bathroom, including new flooring and a full-sized shower.  The ceiling in the dining room was repaired and replaced--good as new!

Debarah is now one happy lady.

"We don't want the 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' build to be our first and last charitable project; we are committed to giving back on an ongoing basis." 

John Maleno

Founder and President

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