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9 Neighborhoods in Erie, Pennsylvania with a Lakefront View

Posted on January 8th, 2024 at 9:00 AM
9 Neighborhoods in Erie, Pennsylvania with a Lakefront View

The crown jewel of the Gem City is Lake Erie. From the way the sun sets over its waters to its miles of sandy beaches, there are so many reasons why prospective homebuyers want to be close to it. To help you find a home with a lakefront view or just a few steps away from the sand and water, Maleno listed a variety of the best lakefront neighborhoods in Erie, Pennsylvania.

*Note: We’ve grouped various neighborhoods based on location, aesthetics, and price points.

1. Manchester Farms & Manchester Beach (Fairview)

Manchester Farms and Manchester Beach have some of the most beautiful homes in the Erie area. Not only are these sprawling estates surrounded by serene woodlands and lush lawns, but they also have immediate lake access for fishing, swimming, launching a boat, or simply looking at the sunset. Just steps away from Walnut Creek, these neighborhoods also enjoy some of the region's best steelhead and trout fishing. If you’re looking for luxury real estate in Erie, you could find yourself in Manchester Farms or Manchester Beach.

2. White Swan Farm & Lake Shore Club District (Fairview)

White Swan Farm & Lake Shore Club District are adjacent neighborhoods in Fairview Township that blend historic charm and modern design. They’re also uniquely positioned right on Lake Erie’s shore, offering breathtaking waterfront views and easy access to the waterfront.

For those seeking luxury homes in a serene environment combined with a lakefront view (also within walking distance of a Lake Shore Country Club), White Swan Farm and Lake Shore Club District are excellent choices.

3. Walkins, Garnesdiyo, & Wolf Point (Millcreek)

These three adjoining neighborhoods make up one of Erie's longest stretches of lakefront luxury real estate. The homes are generously spacious (often 4000+ sqft), the yards are lush and sprawling (1.0+ acres), and the unobstructed views of the lake are world-class. These neighborhoods are tranquil and private yet conveniently close to everything you could need.

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A view from the beach houses at the foot of Hartt Estates

4. Voyageur Estates & Hartt Estates (Millcreek)

While Voyageur and Hartt Estates share a border, they have their own unique aesthetics. Voyageur Estates boasts beautiful luxury homes along the cliffside with impressive yards and magnificent views. Conversely, at the foot of Hartt Estates is a picturesque stretch of beach houses right on the water, with sand as their front yards.

5. Glenruadh & Eaglehurst (Millcreek)

Glenruadh and Eaglehurst have a traditional suburban feel with one significant difference: Their proximity to the water. Beach houses are tucked all along their shores, with other homes perched along the cliff that have exquisite lake views. While certainly more modest in size than the Fairview estates previously mentioned, these homes have the benefit of affordability. However, this benefit also means these single-family homes sell incredibly fast.

The lakefront view from Baer Beach & Kelso Beach Erie PA

6. Baer Beach & Kelso Beach (Millcreek)

These private beachfront communities are two of the best-kept secrets in Erie. With sand and water right out your front door, it’s no wonder why these homes sell in record time. Baer Beach & Kelso Beach are also right next to Presque Isle State Park, which opens up an additional array of outdoor summer activities for those living there. These neighborhoods could also be exceptional places to invest in a vacation rental.

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The view from Greater Kahkwa & Frontier

7. Greater Kahkwa & Frontier (City of Erie)

While these neighborhoods don’t technically have “lakefront” property, they do have bayfront property. More specifically, the homes that run along South Shore Drive have an unencumbered view of Presque Isle Bay, and the houses on Ferncliff Beach are set into the cliff along the bay.

The homes on South Shore are nothing short of majestic. Not only do they have a front-row seat to some of the best sunsets in the world, but the homes and properties themselves are sprawling, boasting historical charm, luxury, and comfort.

Conversely, the homes on Ferncliff Beach are beach homes, significantly more modest in their size. Yet, with only a handful of homes on the bay, their location is potentially even more exclusive. These bayfront homes can walk out their front door and enjoy the water, seeing sailboats race by for the Wednesday yacht club regattas during the summer or stepping out for some ice fishing in the winter.

View from West Bayfront

8. West Bayfront (City of Erie)

Like Kahkwa and Frontier, the West Bayfront doesn’t technically have a lakefront view, but it does have a breathtaking bay view. We’ve mentioned this neighborhood in previous posts due to its explosive growth over the past few years and its walkability. If you’re lucky enough to nab a home on West Front St., you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful Bayfront Promenade, a walking path that sits atop the bay’s bluffs.

9. Lakeside & Lake Cliff Park (Lawrence Park)

Homes along Lakeside Dr. in both Lakeside and Lake Cliff Park have a stunning view of Lake Erie. These neighborhoods have a historic charm with a touch of modern aesthetics that are still cozy and inviting. Homes along the waterfront get to enjoy Erie’s beautiful sunsets and easy access to the water for fishing and boat launching and are conveniently located right next to Lawrence Park Golf Course.

Finding Your Dream Home or Selling Your Lakefront Property

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