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Cleaning Storage Spaces: Garage, Attic, Basement

Posted on May 7th, 2021 at 10:43 AM
Cleaning Storage Spaces: Garage, Attic, Basement

Between working, spending time with family, dedicating time to hobbies, and allotting time to be with friends, it can be easy to forget to clean specific areas of your home, especially if the space isn't always in direct view. Most of the time, these areas—such as the garage, attic, and basement—are left to sit as-is until the time for spring cleaning rolls around. Maybe these areas even remain untouched until you decide to move!

However, there is no denying that the pandemic has inspired many people to take a good look at their homes and begin deep cleaning. While cleaning your home, you may find yourself discovering old items you may want to donate or sell, just in time for a summer yard sale!

Whether you're spring cleaning or you're getting ready to show your home, let's take a look at the most commonly forgotten areas around the house and our tips on making each of them look as good as new.

An organized garage

1. Garage

A garage has many purposes, which is why it can be extremely daunting to clean. Not only is the garage home to your vehicle, but it may also be where you store your lawn equipment, bikes, outside toys, and tools.

Sometimes, the garage can even serve as a workshop for a wide variety of projects, making it one of the more cluttered areas of your home. However, with the help of a broom, hose, and a few storage components, cleaning can be made simple.

To clean your garage:

  1. Clear the area (consider doing so on a day with decent weather so you can move any items outside while you are cleaning the interior)
  2. Give the area a thorough sweep with a broom and remove any large debris
  3. Vacuum, if necessary 
  4. Hose both the walls and floor down
  5. Allow the area to dry
  6. Repaint the garage’s walls and floor (optional)
  7. Return your belongings to the garage

Pro tip: Instead of putting your tools, bikes, and other objects back where they once were, try installing a vertical storage system to save space. Installing a vertical storage system can be done using hooks and shelves to hold your items, ultimately taking up less floor space. Purchasing a worktable and a tool storage cabinet may also be an excellent investment to keep your garage clean and less crowded!

If you’re looking to recycle metal, glass, paint, or chemicals in Erie, contact Lincoln Recycling, Bayfront Glass, or read more about the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events.


2. Attic

Like the garage, you should begin your attic cleaning venture by removing all of the contents stowed away. In doing so, you can uncover old memories, discard any clutter, and make room for new items once the entire space is clean.

Consider asking your children, family members, or even friends to help you clean your attic. If you have photos, clothing, toys, or family heirlooms stashed away there, cleaning and rediscovering these items can create the perfect opportunity to reminisce over past events. What’s more, cleaning the attic with company can make many new memories!

To clean your attic:

  1. Clear the area
  2. Dust every surface from top to bottom
  3. Sweep the floor with a broom
  4. Vacuum (use vacuum extensions to reach difficult areas)
  5. Check your attic’s insulation and structure
  6. Inspect the area for moisture and mold
  7. Sort through your items and donate what you don’t need if it’s in good condition
  8. Return all of your possessions to the attic

Pro tip: It is best to develop a sorting system, such as labeling boxes and containers, to keep all of your possessions organized!

If you’d like to donate your old clothes, toys, or furniture, contact or visit SafeNet, Erie City Mission, The Salvation Army, or Goodwill in Erie.

Person organizing basement shelves

3. Basement

Unfortunately, basements are susceptible to critters, dust, and spider webs if not regularly maintained. More often than not, the basement can also become home to items you no longer need but are hesitant to throw away.

The first step to cleaning your basement is to take inventory of what you own and determine the last time you used a specific item. If you cannot recall the last time, it may be best to throw the item away unless it has sentimental value.

To begin cleaning your basement:

  1. Toss any items that are no longer of value to you
  2. Throw away any trash
  3. Organize your belongings into labeled containers either before or after you clean
  4. Sweep or vacuum the area once it is cleared (or both, if the flooring is cement)
  5. If the floor is carpet, follow up with a carpet scrubber
  6. Return your belongings to the basement

If your basement is furnished and functions as another living space in your home, clean it as you would any other area in your home! That means removing stains, dusting and polishing any wooden furniture, and even reorganizing and decorating.

Pro tip: To give the basement a new appearance, touch the walls up with fresh paint. Recall that brighter colors will make the room appear larger, while darker colors will condense the space.

Make the Most Out of Your Home

At Maleno, we believe that there’s a purpose for every room in your home, so make sure to make the most of them. If you’re cleaning in preparation for your next move, reach out to an agent today to get help throughout the entire selling process. 


Contributed by Matt Flowers

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