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Best Nine Tips For Keeping You and Your Home Safe

Posted on August 31st, 2016 at 3:09 PM
Best Nine Tips For Keeping You and Your Home Safe
Whether sleeping in your own bed or taking that long-awaited cruise, you need to protect yourself and your home. Keep you and your loved ones safe by following these good tips:

If you don’t have an alarm system and can’t afford one, buy a couple decals and put them in your windows. Thieves pick the path of least resistance—the decals may be enough to send them on their way! Many of the security brands’ logos can be purchased online for as little as $10.

When going on a getaway where you have to pack a lot of belongings, load your car inside a closed garage. If you don’t have a garage, pack at low-traffic times to minimize the number of people watching you

In addition to asking neighbors to collect mail and newspapers, have them remove flyers from your door and yard maintenance signs from your lawn. Having these items hang around is a good indicator that you’re away.

Don’t store our valuables in a nightstand. It’s the first place thieves check! A children’s sock drawer or your holiday decorations bin is a better alternative.

If your vehicle has an alarm, put your car keys on your nightstand. If you see or hear anyone trying to break in late at night, you can set off your car alarm. The sound will be a good deterrent and your neighbors will be checking to see what’s happening.

Keep your cell phone with you whenever you’re out walking or biking. If you get hurt or run into trouble, 911 is a phone call away. If you’re elderly, keep it with you at all times in case you fall.

Cover peepholes on hotel room doors. Dampen a piece of tissue and stick it to the peephole. Not all function properly as one-way and someone could be peering in.

Teach children to walk against traffic. If a sidewalk is not available, always walk as far over as possible while walking against traffic. It’s important to be able to see traffic, so you can get out of the way quickly, if needed.

Throw your wick candles away! They are one of the top causes of home fires, as identified by the National Fire Protection Association. If you use them for the scent, consider electric candle warmers instead or plug-in air fresheners.

Special thanks to Captain Carter Mook, Millcreek Police Dept., for his contributions to this article.