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The Four Hottest Real Estate Markets in Erie, PA

Whether you’re looking to move to Erie, PA, or already living here and searching for a new home in the area, we’ve put together a helpful guide to highlight the hottest places to settle down. Not only do we dig into where to buy a home, but we also explore the assets of that particular area. So, if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, use this piece as your guidepost.

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Can I Buy a House if I Have Student Loan Debt

It's summer time, and do you know what that means?  Another 10 million graduates have walked across the stage to get their college diplomas and have joined the other 45 million Americans contending with their tens of thousands of dollars of student debt.

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Maleno Service Overview: We Sell More Than Maleno Homes

Homebuyers and sellers are often surprised when they find out about all of the services we provide.  Because of our reputation for building premium new construction homes, people often forget that we have an entire suite of additional offerings.  With the busiest real-estate season right around the corner, we thought we'd use this month's blog to walk our past, current, and potential customers through our services.

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How to Decide Whether to Rent or to Buy

Much like owning or leasing a car, it seems just about everyone has an unwavering opinion about buying versus renting a home and why one option is better than the other. But here’s the hard truth: it entirely depends on an individual’s circumstances.

There are a multitude of factors to consider when deciding to buy or rent a home. But for starters, here are the big three: 

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Location
  3. Personal finances

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Why Buying a Home in Erie is a Smart Investment

Whether you’re considering moving to Erie, PA, or you’re looking for a reason to stay (beyond the breathtaking sunsets, miles of lakeshore beaches, and deep-rooted history), substantial evidence supports the case for why buying a home here could be an excellent financial move. However, what makes it an even smarter investment—especially when Erie, admittedly, has been the source of recent criticism—is the affordability of real estate in the Gem City, the benefits of equity, and a surprisingly healthy market.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How to Hire a Remodeler

If you're thinking of hiring a remodeler to help make your existing home just right for you, read our infographic with tips to help you avoid a costly mistake.


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INFOGRAPHIC: Why Use A Realtor

Perhaps you think you'll get a better deal by going the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) route?  Think again! Buying or selling a home without a realtor could cost you more in the long run. Read our infographic to find out why.

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Are Millennials Ruining the Housing Market or Simply Reshaping It?

You may have seen it in the headlines: “Millennials Are Ruining the Housing Market!” In these articles, the arguments mostly revolve around poor spending habits, lack of responsibility, and meager savings accounts.

While it’s true millennials aren’t buying homes like their older counterparts, the ever-shifting nature of today’s economic climate calls for a smart re-evaluation of the current housing market and how today's young professionals are making purchasing decisions. To forego the generation-bashing and better outline these economic changes, we thought we’d highlight the facts, acknowledge the issues, and then empower this generation by providing a few solutions to their “houselessness.”

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24 Best Blogs in Erie PA

We've compiled the best blogs written from Erie, Pennsylvania!  Whether you're interested in real estate, home building & remodeling, food, kids, fitness, economic development, or so much more, this is a MUST READ!

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INFOGRAPHIC: Basic Steps to Buying a Home

Are you a first-time home buyer and not sure how to get started?  Our "Basic Steps to Buying a Home" infographic will walk you through the process.  When you're ready to begin, contact a realtor you can trust.  Maleno Real Estate has been in business over 40 years and we know homes!  If you're thinking of trying to work without one, read our infographic which tells you why you really do need a realtor.

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