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An Introduction From Our President

As one of the leading custom building companies in Erie, PA, Maleno offers unique designs, exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials and collaborative relationships.

As one of the leading custom building companies in Erie, PA, Maleno offers unique designs, exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials and collaborative relationships.

• We can build on any lot - yours or ours.
• You will have a personal designer & field supervisor.
• Our homes follow all high energy performance standards.
• We have a completely customized building process


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The Deakin Family

Meet Jim & Shawn Deakin, who chose Maleno Custom Building for their dream home in Portland, NY. From consultation to walk-through, they admired our communication, detail, and commitment. Hear their journey as Maleno brought their vision to life. Prioritizing family comfort, they trusted us as partners. Now, part of the Maleno family, they're grateful for superior craftsmanship and service, making their luxury home truly unique

The Carnuche Family

Embark on Tony and Renee Carnuche's journey with Maleno Custom Building in Harborcreek, PA. Transitioning from New Castle, PA, they found a haven meticulously crafted by our team. Our process, marked by communication and attention to detail, resonated with them. Witness their vision become reality and experience our commitment to customer satisfaction. Join us in creating homes that echo the heart and soul.

Paul and Madeleine Buck

Paul and Madeleine Buck rave about their Maleno Custom Building journey in Erie, Pennsylvania. They valued the seamless process, personalization options, and expert guidance from Maleno's designer. Knowing Maleno remains a steadfast partner post-construction brings unmatched peace. Beyond a home, it's a commitment to excellence. They're not just homeowners; they're Maleno family, confident in their continued support.

Energy Efficient Custom Built Homes

Building energy efficient homes is something we take seriously at Maleno. As a RESNET Energy Smart Builder, we follow all high energy performance standards including insulation levels, window efficiency, wall-to-window ratios, heating and cooling efficiency, and the solar orientation of the home.  


You are best at lots of everything!!! Amazing attention to detail, get 'er done!! Will always give you A-plus, plus!!!  Thank you.

Deb & Jeff Morgan
Erie, PA

Custom Home Building Process


Custom Home Building Process

We have a completely customized home building process and will give you first-hand experience in selecting the details that will make your new home so special.

We can build on any lot, yours or ours. From deciding on the location of your new home and choosing a floor plan to moving in and having questions years later, the Maleno team will be by your side every step of the way.

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