Past Projects of the Family-to-Family Fund

James & Tanya DeFilippis

James & Tanya DeFilippis

James and Tanya are the current recipient's of The Maleno Family to Family Fund. They reside in Waterford with their five children Daniel, Olivia, Grace, Jonah and Piper. James spent 12 yrs in the airforce serving our country and currently works full time. Tanya works part time and spends the rest of her time raising their 5 children. The family was running out of room in their home and James started an addition on his own to give the family more space to live. Unfortunately they have run out of financial resources and the family fund is going to help complete the project. The renovations include relocating a sliding door, installing a concrete floor on the addition, replacing seven windows, installing siding on the exterior of the home, building a stoop and stairs off the man door and installing basement windows. Congratulations to the DeFilippis Family!





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"We don't want the 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' build to be our first and last charitable project; we are committed to giving back on an ongoing basis." 

John Maleno

Founder and President

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