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Current Family-to-Family Fund Project

It seemed like an ordinary day for an ordinary family in Girard, until it wasn't. On July 26, 2022, the Bonnett family's son Grady was involved in a life-altering ATV accident in which the 14-year old was severely injured with a T4 to T8 spinal chord injury. After surgery and months at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA, Grady and his family are learning to adapt to their new way of life. Grady is paraliyzed from just below the chest downward.  He is now home and in a wheelchair. Click here to "meet" Grady.

The Bonnett's insurance does not cover the level of care required, including forms of therapy, treatment, medical equipment and expense, medications, and the necessary modifications to their vehicles and homes. Family members have helped with building ramps and other renovations.

Jody and Erica Bonnett, Grady's parents, heard about the Maleno Family to Family Fund and reached out for additional help.  We're honored to be helping this family with remodeling their kitchen so Grady can be self-sufficient with meals. We're also replacing windows in the home as the funds they had set aside for this project went to medical expenses.

Don't worry, Bonnett family -- we've got this!

"We don't want the 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' build to be our first and last charitable project; we are committed to giving back on an ongoing basis." 

John Maleno

Founder and President

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