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Custom Home Building

We can build anything you dream of.

As one of the leading custom building companies in Erie, PA, Maleno offers unique designs, exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials and collaborative relationships.

• We can build on any lot - yours or ours.
• You will have a personal designer & field supervisor.
• Our homes follow all high energy performance standards.
• We have a completely customized building process


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Energy Efficient Custom Built Homes

Building energy efficient homes is something we take seriously at Maleno. As a RESNET Energy Smart Builder, we follow all high energy performance standards including insulation levels, window efficiency, wall-to-window ratios, heating and cooling efficiency, and the solar orientation of the home.  


When we lost our home to a fire, we did not know where to begin.  Thankfully we called Maleno.  Jarrod and Dominic were at our home within two days, and were able to demolish, and rebuild in a 3 month period.  We were amazed, grateful, and so very happy that they were the ones to help us rebuild our home.  Because it's not just a house, it is our home.  They knew how important that was.  Please don't think that because they do a number of large projects, that they don't know how important the small ones are.  

Thank you again so very much for bringing us home so quickly,

Beth C and Family
Erie, PA

Custom Home Building Process


Custom Home Building Process

We have a completely customized home building process and will give you first-hand experience in selecting the details that will make your new home so special.

We can build on any lot, yours or ours. From deciding on the location of your new home and choosing a floor plan to moving in and having questions years later, the Maleno team will be by your side every step of the way.

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