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Condo Designs for the Erie, PA Area

Whether you're leading an active lifestyle or looking for maintenance-free living, our patio-style homes are the answer.  We offer five luxurious floor plans that we'll customize to make the perfect home for you!  Each floor plan comes with an optional Sunroom.  Click on the images below to see photo galleries and floor plans for each design.

Holly 2-Bedroom

2 Bedrooms | 2 Bath 
1,614 Sq. Ft. & 1,803 Sq. Ft.

Holly 2-Bedroom Condo Design by Maleno

Holly 3-Bedroom

3 Bedrooms | 2 Bath
 1,614 Sq. Ft. & 1,803 Sq. Ft.

Holly 3 Bedroom Condo Design by Maleno


2 Bedrooms | 2 Bath | Den
1,625 Sq. Ft & 1,791 Sq. Ft.

Franklin Condo Design by Maleno


2 Bedrooms | 2 Bath
1,503 Sq. Ft. & 1,678 Sq. Ft.

Milliken Condo Design by Maleno


2 Bedrooms | 2 Bath
1,416 Sq. Ft. & 1,584 Sq. Ft.

Arlington Condo Design by Maleno

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