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  Single-Family Home
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West 38th Street

Millcreek, PA 16509

  • West Millcreek
  • Private 1+ Acre Wooded Estate
  • 2600-3000 sq. ft.

Hidden Springs is Millcreek's new exclusive community. It is located in the heart of southwest Millcreek, nestled on the south side of West 38th Street (just east of Asbury Woods) Hidden Springs offers a limited number of very private 1+ acre wooded estate lots.These exclusive home sites are now available by appointment. Custom homes with very private settings and a minimum square footage of 2600 for a ranch and 3000 for a two story.  Exclusively Developed by Maleno builders (other approved builders also allowed).

Land prices starting at $75,000 and up.


Owner / Real Estate / Maintenance

Jarrod Maleno


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